Inside Out Games LLC is an Independent Game Company in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently we are working on our first game NEGATIVE_SPACE, a challenging black and white 2D platformer where you have to invert between two versions of the same room in order to reach the exit. NEGATIVE_SPACE is coming in 2019 to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


NEGATIVE_SPACE now has a Steam page!


You can head over to Steam now to check it out and wishlist the game. The demo will be coming soon to Steam as well in a couple of weeks, but you can always download it now from in the demos section.

Play the NEGATIVE_SPACE 2.0 Demo!

Jump, Switch, Die, Repeat. The 2.0 demo is out now!
Featuring the revised and new first 18 levels of the game that won "Juiciest Game" and runner up for the "Audience Award" at the 2017 Southwest Video Game Showcase.
This demo features Xbox controller support, any feedback you have is appreciated.


Join Us On Discord!

Inside Out Games has it's own Discord server! It's the perfect place to stay up to date on all things NEGATIVE_SPACE with multiple channels dedicated to things like socializing, demos, and even speed running. Click on the Discord logo to the left to instantly be invited to join in on the fun!

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