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Welcome to the official webpage for Inside Out Games, an independent video game studio in Phoenix, Arizona. To stay update with what we're working on click the social media links below to follow us or click HERE to join our Discord.



~ NEGATIVE_SPACE (Coming 2024) ~

Negative_Space is a challenging black and white 2D platformer where you must switch between inverted versions of the same room in order to progress. It is currently in development for 2024 for PC and eventually Xbox and Playstation.

You can check out the demo below and wishlist the game on Steam HERE.

~ DEVIL'S BONES (2022) ~

You are stuck in a deal with the devil. You must roll the Devil's Bones to decide your fate. Can you ESCAPE? This was made for the GMTK22 Jam with the theme ROLL OF THE DICE, but I didn't finish in time so I took my time and finished it. Can you find all 5 endings?

~ My Pet Gleep Glopp (2020) ~

It's your very own pet Gleep Glopp! Hatch it from the egg with love so you can do all sorts of activities like playing dress up and eating apples! This was a short game I made in 4 days while on break from work so please enjoy and pet some Gleep Glopps!

~ (008)026-2011 (2019) ~

This was my contribution I made for #Meditations last year. My chosen day was 08/26 and me alongside other indie developers were tasked to make a short interactive game revolving around our chosen day in 6 hours under the rules of only being able to use the mouse and no text or dialogue.

~ 2Spooky (2015) ~

You are DEAD! Play as the ghost of a tenant in an apartment complex who was murdered. You have 60 seconds to seek vengeance on the other tenants who knowingly buried you in the basement. Use the mouse to move around the building and find the target tenant to spook.

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