(Coming Soon - PC/PS4/XBOX)

A challenging black and white 2D platformer where you have to invert between two versions of the same room in order to reach the exit.

Precision platforming and well executed timing will be needed in conjunction with fast-paced switching if you ever hope to escape the Negative Space.

My Pet Gleep Glopp
(2020 - PC)

It's your very own pet Gleep Glopp! A virtual friend to love and feed forever.

Hatch it from the egg with love so you can do all sorts of activities like playing dress up and eating apples!

This was a short game I made in 4 days while on break from work so please enjoy and pet some Gleep Glopps!

(2019 - PC)

A short game about reconnecting with a loved one through text messages using only emojis.

Use the mouse to drag and drop the messages into their right spots and assemble the conversation in the correct order.

This game was made as a part of 2019's Meditations project for 08/26.

(2015 - PC)

Play as the ghost of a tenant in an apartment complex who was murdered.

You have 60 seconds to seek vengeance on the other tenants who knowingly buried you in the basement.

Use the mouse to guide the ghost and haunt the tenants in their given order.